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Our requirements for the My Account password are:

  1. It must be 8 or more characters (up to 30 characters).  Please use something easy for you to remember but hard for someone else to guess.
  2. It must contain both letters AND numbers ("library05" is a valid password/PIN, "library” would not be valid, nor would "123456789")
  3. Please do not use special characters (i.e. @$)
  4. It may not be a "repeated" password/PIN. A repeated password/PIN is one in which:
  • a character that is consecutively repeated three or more times(for example, aaaa, ababa, bbbb)
  • a set of up to four characters is that is consecutively repeated two or more times (for example, abab, abcabc, abcdabcd).
  • This FAQ covers more about how to create a password.