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No, the San Antonio Public Library currently requires in person renewals once every five years to provide residence verification. We are happy to be able to offer our services free of charge, but in keeping with that endeavor, there are several contracts that require we ask and verify information that includes identification and proof of residence. These include free access to many of our databases, OverDrive, Brainfuse, and public internet access, not to mention our wide selection of reading materials. We understand that an online option would be more convenient and thank you for your feedback. Please know that the library bases all service decisions on customer needs and preferences and we look forward to using your feedback to provide notification for soon to expire accounts or perhaps investigate an option to implement online renewals. Meanwhile, we thank you for your understanding and appreciate you helping us improve your library.

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  1. It would be nice to be able to renew online. Perhaps the documents required to prove residency could be scanned and sent to you electronically.

    Thank you.
    by Judy Lewis on Jun 26, 2014.
  2. It would just make it so much more convenient to renew your card online. Especially for those of us that use overdrive because it is more convenient than actually going to the library. This may be due to busy schedules, physical ailments or transportation difficulties. Thank you for reviewing my comment!
    by kat on Aug 16, 2014.
  3. I see your answer was posted in June 2013. It's now September 2014. In that time this question has had 1100 views. That indicates to me that there is quite a bit of interest in an online solution. Has the library reconsidered this question any since June 2013? Is there an online solution coming? Timeframe?
    by Colby on Sep 11, 2014.
  4. I agree with others. It would be much better to renew online or at least get a notice that your card is about to expire. I went to check out a book tonight that is on hold. By the time I renew my card (tomorrow), my hold will be over and I will have to re-hold the book putting me in the back of the line. I hope all my other holds are ok because some I have moved from 22 or 35 and the last time I checked I was at 5
    by Alexis Lowe on Sep 28, 2014.
  5. How can we be a progressive city with a elibrary and yet still not be able to renew online. I don't have time to come into the library. That is why I have an e-reader. I've had a library card for 20 years in this city. Other cities do not even require an annual renewal.
    by Robin on Jan 05, 2015.
  6. Renewing online would be extremely convenient. Especially since I travel frequently, as I am now, and access the library while on the road. I don't know when my card expires, so an email would be helpful.
    by Vivian on Jan 10, 2015.
  7. I understand that we have to renew our library card in person (we should be able to do it online!). But it is inexcusable not to give us notification that our card is about to expire. I have several books on hold and just tried to sign in to see where I was on the hold list and could not sign in because my card has expired. I will not be able to renew in person for several days or more.
    by Rich on Jan 15, 2015.
  8. Thank you for your comment on one of our Frequently Asked Questions.
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    If you wish for library administration to read and respond to your comment, I encourage you to submit feedback to the Office of the Library Director through our website.
    Thanks again for using ask.mysapl.
    by Tricia on Jan 27, 2015.
  9. It is now the year of our lord two thousand and eighteen and we still cannot renew our cards online. There is zero reason for this.
    by LNBS on May 01, 2018.