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We are pleased to accept donations, and thank you for supporting the San Antonio Public Library! You may donate materials in good condition to any of our SAPL locations. Donations are used in Friends' Book Sales at the branches, and the proceeds go to benefit the Friends of the Library at that branch. Contact your local branch to make sure they are currently accepting donations. Check our website for locations, and click on your branch for hours and contact information.

You may also donate to the Central Library at any time. The Central Library hosts the Book Cellar in the basement, which is operated by the Friends of the San Antonio Public Library. Any proceeds the Book Cellar earns from the sale of donated materials is funneled back into the Friends of the San Antonio Public Library. 

We accept books and media items (music CDs, DVDs, and Audio Books) for donation into the collection, and these are reviewed for addition on a case-by-case basis in accordance with our Collection Development policy. If you would like your donation to be considered for our collection, all you will need to do is include the notation, "Attention: Donation for Collection Development," when you drop off your items at Central Library or the branch location most convenient to you. Donated items that you wish to be considered for addition to the collection may also be mailed to:

San Antonio Public Library | Attention: Donation for Collection Development Department | 600 Soledad | San Antonio, TX 78205

Please note that any items not added to the Library’s collection are sent to the Friends of the San Antonio Public Library for sale in the Book Cellar.

Lastly, donations to the library are tax-deductible. If you wish to make your donation a tax deduction, please ask for a receipt inside the library.

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  1. It would be helpful to add that donations are tax receipts are available if donors list numbers of items by type. Also, specify whether books should be in boxes or paper bags and whether donations should be made during specific hours. The more info. the more donations you'll receive.
    by Cynthia E Lyle on Jul 15, 2012.
  2. Thanks for your comment! I added a line in about receipts for your donation.

    You'll want to call your library to find out whether they're accepting donations (and if they have preferred times). Some have limited storage space which requires them to only accept donations close to the time of book sales.

    As for bags or boxes - your choice! We'll be happy to help you bring them in as well. Thanks for supporting San Antonio Public Library!
    by Dianna Morganti on Jul 21, 2012.
  3. In regards to using bags, I found out that the Book Cellar at the downtown Central library does accept the plastic HEB grocery bags as a donation. Yesterday, I donated about 60 recycled plastic bags to the book store. I felt good saving the Earth and helping a good cause, the library book store.
    by Francisco M. Rodriguez on Jan 09, 2020.