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Do you live outside of Bexar County? You are eligible for a free San Antonio Public Library card if you own Bexar County property or a business and provide appropriate identification like a property tax record, an Assumed Name Certificate of Registration or a Sales Tax Permit. You may purchase a San Antonio Public Library card for $200 per year or $60 per 3-month period if you are not a Bexar County resident or own property or a business in Bexar County.  All you need is a current photo ID.

Your card allows you access to all of San Antonio Public Library’s materials – both in person and online.

Comments (2)

  1. I live outside of Bexar co and only use ebooks I wish there was another type of card that was cheaper. For instance one where you could only check out ebooks for say $50 a year. Seems like a revenue source for the library that is currently not in place.
    by Ronda on Oct 26, 2014.
  2. I also live outside of Bexar County and would love to have access to the e-book section. I would be willing to pay an annual fee for that, but $200 per year seems very excessive for e-books. I wouldn't be checking out books any other way but by my Kindle. Hopefully this is something that you can offer in the future.
    by Sheila on Aug 12, 2015.