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You are correct! There are changes occurring in the catalog every few weeks. We will work to ensure that the last two months of major changes are listed here for your convenience. 

Bibliocommons, the vendor for the catalog, works hard to provide improvement based on user feedback. Below is the last two months of updates:

July 2019

Batch Action Now Available for Changing Shelf Item Privacy

Shelf Privacy settings are set by default in the My Settings area of your account. If there are items placed on your shelves that you would like to different privacy setting you are able to change multiple items with this update rather than one by one. 

To make changes to multiple items on one of your Shelves - Completed, For Later, In Progress, simply open the list and select the items using the checkbox located on the left of the item. Once you start selecting items the Manage items menu will appear, select the applicable option in this menu to change the privacy setting.


Improved Privacy when Ignoring Other Users

If you ignore a user who follows you, that user will no longer appear on your list of followers. The only place in the catalog you will see that user is on your Ignored Users page.

The count of users who follow you will also not include ignored users. For example, if you have 30 followers and ignore one of them, the followers count will show 29.

Otherwise, the existing functionality when ignoring users remains the same. You won't see any content an ignored user adds to the catalog, and you won't receive private messages from that user.

Note that ignoring someone does not:

  • Block that user from viewing your shelves, lists, or any other content you've created. (You can make your shelves or individual titles on the shelves private if you wish.)
  • Hide your activity feed from the ignored user. (You can make your activity feed private.)
  • Prevent them from viewing your profile.
  • Prevent them from searching for you by username.


Confirmation Message for Deleted Shelf Titles

This is to help you understand that removing an item from your shelf will also remove any content that was added to the item including ratings, comments, tags, and private notes. 


Confirmation Message for Returned OverDrive Title

There is now a confirmation message when returning an OverDrive title to avoid returning a title accidently. There is also now a check box that allows you to easily add this item to the my Completed Shelf


Improved Login Messaging

The catalog allows you to log into your account from one device at a time. If you log into your account on a computer, log in again on your smartphone, and then return to your computer, you'll see a message indicating you've logged in elsewhere.

To more accurately reflect that the login could be from any type of device, the message has been changed to You have logged in on another device.

June 2019

OverDrive Auto-checkout Indicator​

When placing an OverDrive holdin the catalog, you now have the same option that is available when placing an item on hold using the OverDrive app or website: the option of indicating you want the item checked out automatically when it becomes available. You will also be able to tell on your Holds page which OverDrive items have the Auto-checkout option enabled. 


When placing an OverDrive item on hold you are given the option to Auo-checkout:

When viewing your Holds page you will be able to easily tell which items you selected the Enable Auto-Checkout Holds when initially placing the item on hold: