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Last Updated: Jul 06, 2016     Views: 408

The best way to find large print items in our online catalog is to do a basic or advanced search and include the phrase "large print" with your search terms.  This is mostly accurate, but it may return a few items with the words "large print" in the title or description that may not be large print items.  

Unlike DVDs or magazines, large print books are not considered a separate material type by the system.  They are actually a subclass of the Books format. Therefore, a search cannot be limited by format for large print items.

Search for large print books by author or title:

If you wish to search for a specific author, add a: before the author's name.  For example, a:patterson, james 

To search for a specific title, add t: before the title.  For example, t:grapes of wrath

Using a basic or advanced search, combine these search terms with "large print" to find large print items matching the author or title desired.