Answered By: SAPL FAQs
Last Updated: Nov 29, 2016     Views: 2982

As long as you have a San Antonio Public library card, you can access "Consumer Reports" through our databases. 

Simply follow these instructions.

1) Go to SAPL’s homepage at

2) Hover over the word "Services" at the top of the screen. You will then see a sub-heading "Research & Databases". Click on the “Databases” link within that sub-heading. You may also click here to go directly to the database listings. 

3) Scroll down to the alphabetical list of databases, and click on “Academic Search Complete” database under letter “A”

4) Enter your library card number and password when prompted (only applies to non-library computers).

If you are looking for a specific issue, follow these steps.  

5) Click on the link that says “Publications” at the very top of the screen towards the left corner.

6) In the middle of the screen, in the text box titled “Browsing”, type Consumer Reports and click “Browse”.

7) The first result listed should be "Consumer Reports" – click where those words appear in blue.

8) On the right side of the screen there will be a list of years.  Click on the year of the issue you are looking for.

9) There will now be a list of issues for that year.  Click on the issue you are looking for.

10) To read an article, click on the link that says “PDF Full Text” below the description of the article.

11) To print an article, click on the printer icon.